Issues connecting Reach M+ to Pixhawk 2.1 Cube


I’m trying to use a Reach M+ as part of a configuration for a drone, and am having issues with trying to get the whole system to work. We’re using a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube, and the Reach is powered separately. The serial ports and stop bits have all been checked, and I’m trying to use the Reach and the NMEA output from Mission Planner to push out GPS data . However, the Pixhawk isn’t recognizing that it has a GPS unit connected to it. I was wondering if anyone had previous experiences with this kind of issue or has any suggestions on how to make it work. Thanks.

Hi @EverythingIsFine,

Could you elaborate on how you connect Reach M+ to PixHawk?

I am using the S1 port on the Reach and connecting that to the Telem 2 port on the Pixhawk. Note I am not using the 5V wire in this setup and rather powering it independently via the USB connection, as this Pixhawk is unable to supply enough power. I’ve made sure that within Mission Planner that it is setup for multiple GPS’s and the Telem2 port is set up for a GPS and the expected Baud rate is matching the settings within the Serial Position output on the Reach.

Hi @EverythingIsFine,

With PixHawk 2.1, you need to connect Reach M+ to the GPS 2 port. May I ask you to try this setup?

Please, let me know about the results.

Fixed my issue, incorrect wiring setup. Not to familiar with serial connections, bit of a learning curve. Thanks for the suggestion :)!