Issue with USB port

Dear All,

I am facing some issue in my device the issue is USB charging port is not working so please suggest the solution for solve this issue.

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Hi Rathod,

What receiver are you using? Can you please specify how you’ve checked that the USB port doesn’t work?


Actually I am using Emlid Reach RS2 device this device is not getting changing and i have given to this device to the service centre but they said they can’t be replace the USB charging port so for that i have messaged here…

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Hi Rathod,

Ah, I understand now. Can you please send the close-up photos of the USB port along with your RS2 serial number to I’ll check how we can help you with this.

I also wanted to say that we always recommend reaching out to us first in case of any issues with the receiver. It’s quite hard to predict what unauthorized service centers can do with the receiver. It can impede further troubleshooting in case of any other difficulties.


Yeah sure details are given below.

Name : Emlid Reach RS2

And please see below Images of USB port

Hi Rathod,

Thanks for the photos!

I’ve deleted the serial number of RS2 from your post as it’s better not to share sensitive info publicly. Indeed, the USB port looks damaged. I need to ask you about some personal info so I’ve messaged you in the PMs.

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