Issue with RasPi 2 (junk text) and Compass (random offsets)

Issue 1: When I start ArduCopter (using the command sudo ArduCopter-quad -C /dev/ttyAMA0), Arducopter initializes. However after that, I constantly get a slow rate of ‘junk’ text-- there is a lot of Q’s, boxes, random characters, etc. I have found that even after I Ctrl-C, my pi@navio-rpi$ is messed up-- the characters are all jumbled. I can still input commands, but all the text is messed up. Does anyone else see this / is it normal / why is it normal? I will try to upload an image.

Issue 2: My compass has a random 90 degree offset. When I boot the system and connect Mission Planner, the heading is sometimes 90degrees off, such that the front of the system is aligned with the telem and spi connectors. Could I have a bad compass? I have tried calibrating after I saw the issue a few times, but I have not touched the compass alignment in MP and still see it randomally.

Running a Navio+ on a RaspPi 2, Emlid operating system, pulled your .deb file.

image attached

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If you throw an “&” at the end of your apm startup command you will skip all that and be able to continue with your terminal session.

Its not broken as mine does the same if i only run apm.

But what’s the point of putting a raspi in the air if your only going to run apm, am i right?

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