Is USB connections stable enough for telemetry?

I need to use the DF13 connector for an external GPS so I’m connecting the 3DR radio to the RPi2 USB connector. I still have not test them under flight conditions, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced any issues (e.g. caused by vibrations) with this type of configuration.

Vibrations can definitely be a complication, even in a well balanced airframe. But an easy fix exists, this is what I am doing right now:

When I get around to it I am going to strip out the usb(s), ethernet, hdmi, & audio ports to lighten things up a little. When I do this I will solder & mount my wifi adpter/chip directly to the raspi. I will probably leave one usb port so I can switch between webcam and usb for canon PNS. I will use one of these:

Here’s a little over view if your unfamiliar with stripping PCB boards: