Is USB 5V 2 amp input power acceptable? Or only 1 amp?

I don’t see this specified, but probably it is somewhere. I just want to make sure I can power the reach off a 5V 2Amp power USB source and not fry it (from a GoPuck power source) - Apparently a Gopro is sensitive to this difference, but most electronics out there just take what they need…

@ebennb power supply units that can provide more Amps are acceptable, not less.

The Reach will draw current as it needs it; the power supply will not force the amperage into the Reach.

Thanks! For some reason GoPro specifies 1 amp only, and I think a 2 amp output fried it after I plugged it in. I thought they only drew as necessary always as well.

It may have been related to other reason, e.g. voltage range deviation, noisy supply etc.