Is this Multipath Error? Brown Bar? Huh? R?

What is the Brown bar on e14 for? Weird. :thinking:

Also I have noticed a satellite “R?” pop up fairly frequently what is that? :space_invader:


Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Could you please specify whether the brown bar is showing continuously?

Do I understand correctly that you’re interested in the satellite constellation marked with the legend R? It indicates the GLONASS constellation. It means they are enabled in your Reach M2’s RTK Settings.

This is the first time I have seen the brown bar but luckily was able to capture it in a photo. Maybe the wrong hex colour code addressed to it? I also notice e12 is also an darker off shade of green as well.

The R? Satellite pops up quite often. It has no number following the R, just the ?

So i would have R1, R15, R?, R17 for example. Here is a photo of R?

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Hi @PotatoFarmer,

It appears that the brown bar in the Status tab is just a visual glitch. It doesn’t hold any additional meaning regarding SNR indication.

R? satellite means that it just appeared, and not all info for it is available. Once all of the data of the satellite is accumulated, it will turn into R with a number.


Thanks @liudmila.slepova