Is there something like GNSS for Dummies?

I’ve set up a fairly nice Tower and roaming unit to get accurate positions. In Texas I normally have about 5-6 Green Sats for the Base Station, but do have difficulties getting a fix on the rover, the more I dive in the more questions i have.

Now that i have the basics down, is there a good resource to learn how to get more accurate?

I have questions like:

Can i get a third reach and setup 2 base stations for more accurate results?
Can the Rover unit feed corrections to the base unit to have the base unit be more accurate?
If i get three can they all feed each other corrections?

I just found the National Geodetic Survey after reading the Reach Blog and the project where they are going off a known point to setup their base units.

It seems that i should setup a base location where i’m at using known location near me. The closest isn’t too far, about 5 miles away, but in order to go that far, i’ll need to start learning about longer range radios.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much! And congrats to the reach team on creating such an awesome product. You new interface 2.2.6 is absolutely beautiful!