Is there diagnostic sound using NAVIO2? Better way?


The APM documentation lists diagnostic sound codes.

Does NAVIO2 support those buzzer sounds?

I am aware that the LED provides some diagnostics. Are there any other ways get daignostic clues from NAVIO2?

I am building a rover and I want to create a good on fleld user experience to get diagnostic clues without user having to connect a GCS?


There’s a LED reserved for this kind of usage.

Raspberry Pi has an audio jack, so you can hook up speakers and write a simple DroneKit script that will parse the system’s status and play a tune of you choice when somethin’s up.

You can also connect a buzzer over I2C and build ArduPilot with the needed support. Just add ADD_BACKEND(new Buzzer()) in here.

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Thanks George,

I very much like the DroneKit idea. In fact, it will let me do few others things that I want to do in terms of diagnostic. Very cool!

Just to clarify, you are talking about built in LED on NAVIO board, right? Problem with that is depending on how the Rpi + Navio is caged and placed in my rover, it is not very suitable to be exposed / easily visible from outside.

I am taking the DroneKit and Rpi route.



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