Is there anyone who used "Emlid Reach RTK Kit" for quadcopter?

Hello, i am working on self flying quadcopter project. I need a very sensitive gps.
I found Emlid Reach RTK Kit but it is very expensive and i don’t know if i can use it like i want? Can you guys help me if you have used it before?
Normally there is one emlid on quadcopter and other one emlid settled on tripod. Base emlid send data to computer. Then, computer send correction data to quadcopter.But i wonder if i can send correction data directly to quadcopter from base? Which means i don’t want to use computer to find quadcopter location.
Thank you.

Actually, cost is “quite reasonable” when you consider others in the market… you cannot even consider the big dogs (Trimble, etc) as those are ULTRA EXPENSIVE!!! $$$$$$

Hey there,

You can directly send corrections from Reach base station to Reach rover. Please take into consideration that you need an external radio for it.
Is there any specific reason why you don’t want to send corrections via GCS?

I am coding my own telemetry program in visual studio with c#. Corrections are send with wifi. I do not know how should i can take data and how should i can process data quickly.

When you grab the NMEA data from the RTk kit, it is already processed in the rover module using the corrections from the base. But yes, you need the LoRa radio-link.

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