Is there any way to change M2 from hotspot mode to client mode?

Hey guys,

For my application, we want to provide internet using wifi so we can get ntrip correction. The M2 is also connected to our robot using usb to receive the gps positions from serial. However, our biggest problem is that the robot’s router takes longer than 30 seconds to become active. So the M2 will create its own hotspot therefore the M2 is not able to connect to the robot wifi which has internet.

Is there any way to disable hotspot mode, increase the delay for hotspot or changing M2 from hotspot to client mode using usb?

We also found this link: However, this doesnt seem to work for M2 to change from hotspot to client mode.

Does anyone have a suggestion to make this work?

Hi Don,

For now, it’s not possible to manually change from the hotspot mode. We’ll consider adding this feature to the future versions of the App.


Let me add here that currently it might be easier to configure a system allowing Reach to boot after the router. I’m afraid we will hardly increase the time of looking for a network in the nearest future.

However, thank for the feature request! It’s noted.

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