Is there any radio telemetry to connect rs2 or any other base with diffrent compnay rover?

hi folks ,
Just wanna know because my emlid rover is broken now left with no choice in middle of survet have only few days to make this complete guys i have 1 spare ardu simple rtk2 kit how can i connect emlid base with ardusimple rtk2 kit L0ra is propriety to emlid is there any emlid product that can connect this both device. not using ntrip server because am stuck in middle where there is no internet so using radio is only option to me please let me know or any other solution which you can refer help guyss

If you can use NTRIP for corrections you might be able to cast. If at first it doesn’t seem to work reverse receiver roles to see if either of the receivers are better of as a base or rover.

Heii good to have you on my side
just wanna ask can i set offline ntrip for getting rtk correction?? because i have no internet connection if yes please let me know how ??.

Hii chasoadmin wass up buddy just wanna ask you how can we connect cross device which is not of emlid to other manufacture receiver more specific ardusimple kit over with radio band (Lora)becalms what emlid Lora giving is proprietary to EMlid gadgets only need module that work with emlid base and ardusimple kit product link will be also accepted

Not working with ntrip caster due to no internet.

Hi @bochandi,

It seems we’re communicating with you via email! I’ve already answered you there but will reply here too for anyone who’s concerned.

LoRa devices work only with Lora devices from the same manufacturers. So, you need either two working LoRa on Reach devices or a couple of external radios for both Reach units.

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