Is there any portable wifi hotspot with long range?

I want to use my M2 as base station and use it in areas that don’t have cell coverage. Instead of lora I was thinking if there was a long-range wifi to use in this case because my other equipment (gps rovers or dji rc pro) doesn’t support lora. Local Ntrip solves the problem with the connection but the small range of the M2/RS2 hotspot or the cell phones hotspot is the bottleneck.
Is there any long range (100m-300m will be adequate) portable wifi hotspot to use with the local Ntrip option of RS2/M2?
As you can imagine I am trying to find a wifi solution without having to buy UHF modems that do the same work.

There are many devices similar to this ranging on both ends of your spectrum and further. $75-whatever you want to spend.

Wi-Fi Amplified Range Extender on Amazon

What I use

Additionally I have a 4G Router, not a Mi-Fi, that allows me to run an ethernet cable to the extender and get it away from objects of interference. They are around $200-300 and throw about 100-200ft themselves. I find that is more stable to hardwire to the extender rather than bouncing Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi. I have only gone about 500-800ft away from the extender but it was solid. It was about $500-600 for the whole setup including the portable battery but well worth having the capability in the field when needed.


the other solution is with point to point radios that can shoot your network a couple kms and then just plug a WIFI antenna into it . Similar to a base and rover setup .


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Can you elaborate on this a little more? From my understanding the extender says it is only good for 1500sqft, basically a house and the airMAX radio is reported at 500-600ft by user reviews - with LOS?

Or any kind of wifi antenna attached to the radio , the radio would bring the network to the specific location

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You wouldn’t use the radio for WIFI only for point to point connection

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Ah, I see now. I got you other message. That’s some pretty cool stuff.

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Can get pretty complex for sure

Thanks for the replies.
I was thinking something more portable (with battery) to carry in every site i go.