Is there a way to send M+ signals/data and is it able to use/save them?

I am curious if there is a way to send the Reach M+ some form of signal or data through on of its Serial ports? If this is possible, is there a way for the module to either use the signal, ex: I send it a signal and it takes a location measurement. Or is it possible to send it data collected from an external sensor and tell it to save the data along with the location data in the RINEX File? My end goal is to combine locational data form the Reach systems and external data collected from sensors that I will place on a drone. I would love to combine them in real time so that I can save the headache of figuring out how to do it in post processing. However, if this is not possible, any info on how to do it in post processing would also be appreciated. If anyone has any insight to this please let me know.

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Hi Riley,

Not like a straightforward signal, but Reach M+ can take the camera feedback. It’s the one you can get from the camera so that Reach could record the associated time mark with it in the raw data log. Those time marks are used in post-processing to get the precise image photo center.

It can hardly take data from a sensor. But M+ can save the time marks in the RINEX log as I mentioned earlier.

Do you want to position your drone with centimeter accuracy in real-time? If so, you can configure Reach M+ to send its position to your drone’s flight controller. Most of the flight controllers accept NMEA format which M+ can provide. Reach M+ needs to be configured in RTK mode in such a case.

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