Is there a way to monitor the received LoRa signal strenght?

Hi, we are using two RS+ receivers to reference position of our mobile robot and another RS+ to provide the corrections via LoRa. While it is possible to see what kind of positioning the rover receivers are providing at that moment (only single, or float or fix…), we wonder if there is a way to see the actual incoming LoRa signal strength. This way, we could automatically avoid going too far and stay within the base corrections reach. The information does not need to be available in the web interface, just logging into the receiver through ssh and reading the value somewhere would be great…

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Hi Vladimir,

I’m afraid we can’t provide you with any ready solution for checking the LoRa signal strength.

Hopefully, our users would suggest some workarounds for your application :slightly_smiling_face:

An alternative solution could be check on if there is more than 2-3 seconds of delay in the age of correction.
That usually means that the SNR of the LoRa signal is below anything useful.

Lower frequency and lower datarates will get you further.


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