Is the SNR mask in "RTK settings" menu being ignored?

Hi Emlid,

May it be that the SNR mask dB/Hz defined in RTK settings menu is currently being ignored? (see screenshot)

I have setup a 30 dB/Hz mask and I can recurrently see PRNs with SNRs well below 30.



SNR mask is something that is handled in the RTKLIB processing. The satellite graph you see comes from upstream of that, so these are the satellites that are input to RTKLIB. Then RTKLIB filters out certain satellites and does the processing.

It is nice to see all the available satellites. If there are a lot of satellites just below your SNR setting and not many above, then with that information you might decide to lower your SNR mask a bit and see if you get a better result.


Just as @bide said, the SNR mask works. It affects the satellites we use for processing, but everything Reach can see is displayed on the chart. An option to show only actually used satellites is in the works at the moment.


Hi Egor,

When you say “It affects the satellites we use for processing” are you referring to the real time solution, the post processing solution or both?



Only the RTK solution. Your logs will have all visible satellites.

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Many thanks for the clarification Igor!



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