Is ReachView Compatible to receive RTCM3 corrections from other bases?

Hello all,
I am currently using a reach M+ unit and would like to integrate this with RTCM corrections from an external base station (Trimble R10). Is it possible to receive corrections from a non emlid branded base station?
If so how might i go about making this work, I have tried but am struggling to get corrections from the R10 to the emlid software.

Hi @jamesmyers,

It’s possible to connect Reach to a third-party receiver via TCP or NTRIP. In case you don’t have Internet access you can use an external radio. I’d recommend checking our docs to clarify this point.

As for the data format, if Trimble device supports RTCM3 output, there should be no issues with your workflow.

Thank you @gleb.gira,
If using external radio, does it have to be through use of the LoRa radio format from Emlid, or is generic radio output accepted from ReachView?

Additionally is there any more extensive guide as to how to use NTRIP or TCP in receiving corrections?

Hi @jamesmyers,

Reach LoRa isn’t compatible with the LoRa from other manufacturers. It means that you need a couple of external radios (3DR or RFD900, for example) for this kind of integration. There must be a compatible receiver and transmitter, that means purchasing a pair of radios or a receiver connected to Reach that supports your radio format.

Regarding NTRIP, follow this guide from our docs to set it up.

As for TCP, you will probably need to connect both devices to one network. If Trimble R10 can be configured to transmit corrections in RTCM3 format over TCP as a server or as a client, Reach can be easily connected to it. Note, the distance between base and rover depends on the broadcasting power of your Wi-Fi router.

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Hi @gleb.gira,
I managed to resolve both of these issues, thanks for your help!

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