Is Reach stackable with other Edison blocks?

Hey all!

I’m new to the community and to Reach RTK, but I’m excited about both!

I’m interested in using Reach in an automotive application and would like to utilize the Edison pins that aren’t being used by Reach. However, I’m having a hard time finding out what pins the Reach uses. Which lead me to a couple questions I was hoping could be answered.

Is the pinout for reach available?
Does Emlid ever plan on opening up their Hardware?
Can Reach be stacked with other Edison expansion blocks?

Thank you for any input you may have!

Hi Erik!

Reach can not be stacked with other (sparkfun ) blocks, we have some GPIO pins and I2C available on the DF13 connectors. Are they not sufficient for your application?

There are currently no plans to open the hardware.

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Thanks, Igor, for filling me in. I’m looking into ways to build a general purpose automotive logger. So the more access I have to the Edisons peripherals the better :slight_smile: