Is reach RTK GPS replacement compatible with DJI Inspire1?

It looks like it is a general GPS replacement for UAV, Question is will it talk to DJI Inspire 1? Would be great to just have to upgrade my GPS in what I already have existing. If anyone has tried and failed or have been successful Please let me know as I really do not want to buy a whole new drone to do surveys. I have already purchased the Reach RS to get coordinates and realized i need a second to set ground control points. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


The Reach RS would be the ground station and a second could be fitted into the empty nose cone of the Inspire 1.
This is my thinking anyway. The problem remains, triggering the GPS location along with the camera shot.
If we can’t do that than each photo will have to be millisecond time stamped and then EXIF data “replaced” with RTK LLH data from REACH system.
Simon_Allen, i believe has done just thaat with a Phantom 4. He made a python program to convert.

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