Is reach m+ work with power bank and mobile app for normal gps accuracy

Is reach m+ work with power bank and mobile app for normal gps accuracy. My budget is low and I want a normal Device for normal accuracy.

What do you consider normal accuracy? A cell phone is probably 3-5m when using an averaging app and these should be closer to 1-2m uncorrected. You get cm-level accuracy when you can connect the device to a source of RTK corrections or can perform PPK.

I want accuracy below 1 meter and affordable setup for below 300 dollar.
And Android software for survey like land measuring. Not like professional land surveyors.
Only for find points and run cad file.

You are going to need some source of corrections to obtain at least a float to achieve that level of accuracy consistently and I’m afraid that budget isn’t realistic. If you have the ability to download Rinex logs from an online source you could PPK but nothing prebuilt is going to be that inexpensive, especially if you want it to include software. You can look at custom GNSS chipsets and building your own but I still think you are going to be hard pressed to find anything at your budget.

Please suggest me affordable setup 1st for 1-2 meter accuracy and second for below 1 meter accuracy.

Hi Narendra,

Reach M+ isn’t intended to be used to obtain the coordinates with an accuracy of a couple of meters. Reach receivers are designed for positioning with centimeter accuracy. You can work in RTK or PPK to achieve these results.

You can use one Reach receiver without the local base but you would need a source of corrections. It can be a real-time corrections stream from an NTRIP service or the RINEX file with observations that can be used in post-processing.

I also recommend checking out Reach M2 in your case. M2 is a multi-band device that can provide you with great results in somewhat challenging conditions. M+ is a sing-band receiver so it’s highly sensitive to its positioning. There should be a clear sky view with no obstacles around like buildings, trees, or cars when you work with it.

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