Is REACH getting NTRIP corrections?

I have a single rover REACH module and trying to get NTRIP corrections from West Virginia, Mountpoint=vrsRTCM3_1
How can I verify if the REACH module is getting the corrections? Shouldn’t I be seeing gray bars? The status is always SINGLE.

Yes, you should see grey bars along those others.
Are you sure correction data is coming through? no firewall is blocking ?

I have a Verizon FIOS router (connecting my PC, REACH, etc. on my local network to Internet). The REACH local IP address is
Do I need to enable anything on the router? I don’t believe any outgoing network traffic is blocked by the router (for example; when the REACH tries to access Internet and get the NTRIP corrections).
Thanks for any help,


It’s unlikely the router needs any additional configuration. Are you sure you are entering the right connection data?

RTKLIB has a nice application, which lets you browse NTRIP servers.

I’m not seeing any gray bars either, I am showing connected to the correct mount point and My reach rover screen show a satellite count for base and rover. Please Help!


This is likely because the caster needs NMEA GGA feedback. Try with that option on. If this does not help, please create a separate topic with included system report and more details about your setup.