Is it realy plausible to use 3g dongle with ReachRTK?

I am trying to establish internet connection with 3g dongle HUAWEI E173. Standard Edison Yocto build kernel does not contain drivers for ppp conections and usb to serial conversion and comunity sugest to rebuild yocto including following drivers. Is Yocto build made for Reach RTK supports 3g usb modems and how to set up such connection??

your dongle should support hilink (ppp not needed), otherwise you might think about flashing a hilink fw to your dongle
maybe this post helps:

Thank you panky, but your solution dosen’t seem to fit my modem. After few hours of searching and trying i am able to succesfuly change mode to modem(for my modem product id=0x140c) with usb-switchmode (it is already available for Yocto Poky from repository). After this in reach /dev directory should apear ttyUSBx but it doesn’t. I think it is coused by usbserial driver in Linux kernel. But i hope no.

yeah you might have to wait until cdc_ether.ko is being included by emlid in the yocto image for hilink as far as i know; for ppp you maybe have a look into umtskeeper and sakis3g, but sorry, I’m not really very familiar with yocto…maybe someone else can help better