Is it possible to send feedback to M+ without using trigger pin?


I want to use Reach M+ to take aerial photos for PPK solution. I have a PX4 based FC. I want to trigger taking photos by mission points. So, I have to trigger the camera from the flight controller. Also, I need to keep the exact time of the shutter on Emlid M+ for post processing. Thus, I need to save the shutter time of the camera for both FC and M+. If I multiplex the feedback pin (flash) for M+ and connect to the time mark 1 pin which is on C1 port. Can I provide M+ to save the shutter time?

Thank you.

Maybe I am not understanding the problem fully, but the FC-trigger goes from the FC to the Camera trigger port, and the input for the time-mark goes from the Flash-sync port or hotshoe on the camera to the C1 pin. No need for any hacks?

You understood the problem very well. Does this solution work? Because I don’t use the Reach M+'s trigger pin to capture image. I guess if the Reach isn’t used to trigger, the feedback pin can’t be used as well?

Thank you for the answer!

I successfully triggered logging using time mark pin without connecting other pins (5V, GND, PPS, Trigger). However, the time marking pin continuously triggers. I measured the voltage from the camera, it is normally 3.3V. If I take a picture, the voltage drops to zero. I’ve checked the time marks approximately every 2 seconds. What is the problem in this setup? @wizprod

My ReachView version is v2.24.2

Hi @orkunaxa,

Please connect both GND and Time mark pin. It’s necessary to avoid extra time marks records. For such connection, we have a ready-to-go hot shoe connector.

You can share the picture of your hardware setup and wiring so that we could take a closer look.

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