Is it Possible to Receive Corrections from Trimble Catalyst DA2 into Emlid Flow on iPhone or iPad?

I watched a YT video of someone recording points in ArcGIS Field Maps on an iPhone while receiving corrections from a Trimble Catalyst DA2.

So I am now wondering if it’s possible to receive corrections in Emlid Flow on an iPhone or iPad from a Trimble Catalyst DA2 for the purpose of logging data.

Has anyone tried this already? Thanks in advance…

Hi @dronemapper23,

Apologies for the radio silence here.

The DA2 cannot be used as a base station in an RTK and PPK setup. I found this thread from Trimble Community:

The Catalyst DA2 does not currently log RINEX or operate as a stand alone base

This is a reply from Trimble Support from last year. I suggest contacting Trimble to confirm if this is still the case.

Ok, thanks for your response. It wasn’t the answer I was hoping for, but it is much appreciated…