Is it possible to Integrate M2 to iStar Pulsar+?


I have Emlid M2 and I wonder is it possible to integrate Emlid M2 with iStar Pulsar+? I currently use iStar Pulsar+ that attach to backpack and I want to improve the GPS accuracy in iStar Pulsar by integrate it with M2. I know that to integrate Emlid M2 with camera it can be connected through hot shoe port but in iStar Pulsar+ there no hot shoe port. Is there any possible way for me to integrate Emlid M2 to iStar Pulsar+. I hope everyone can help me. Thank you!

Hi @sknh,

Reach M2 can output its position to other devices. It supports the most popular NMEA format and also simple LLH, XYZ, ENU outputs.

From the page you shared, I see that iSTAR Pulsar+ supports external GPS. I couldn’t find any details, and I hardly know more than iSTAR support. So, I’d suggest contacting them, and if more questions arise, get back to us!

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