Is it possible to define Emlid Flow project by specifying EPSG code?

When creating a new project in Emlid Flow (Android app v.8.6), Survey, +, Coordinate System, Name or country, it would be swell to be able to enter; e.g., epsg:4326, epsg:6480, epsg:6319, etc., and maybe, it already is possible(?), but if not able to be done presently, might it be considered?

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Yes, just type in the code in the search and it will give you the the NAD83 nomenclature. It just doesn’t label it as the number.

6319 brings up
No results

This geodetic coordinate system is useful for entirely removing issues related to projections while still being in the NSRS.

That is strange. It is metric correct? I’m not familiar with how they are describing it. Is it a horizontal CRS? Everything in USft I have used in Texas has been there. Maybe they can add it?

RE: epsg:6319 - Ellipsoid heights are metric and lat and lon are geodetic; though cannot presently speak to whether or not d.dd is implicit vs. DMS for their format.

That’s my guess is that it is just not widely used and they haven’t added it. Just send an email to support and ask. Where are you located? Are you working on something that specifies that CRS is to be used? Or is that the standard in your area?

Hi @vkbellis,

Only projected coordinate systems are available as separate options in the list. For geographic coordinate systems, like NAD83(2011), you can use the Global CS option. I’ve shared more details about it in your other thread.


@kseniia.suzdaltseva - Thank you!

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