Is it possible to convert meters to survey feet in Emlid Flow or Emlid Studio after the fact?

I am hoping it is possible to convert meters to US survey feet and vice versa after the fact in Emlid Flow or Emlid Studio. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Up until now I have been using Excel to convert meters ~ feet, but would like to do it in Emlid software if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Eric,

For now, this unit conversion is not possible either with Emlid Flow or Emlid Studio. Could you please describe your workflow? Why is it necessary for you?

But if you use Stop & Go in Emlid Studio, we have an idea for you. After Stop & Go, you’ll have the correct point in meters. You can create a CSV file from the POS. After that, please create a new project in Emlid Flow and set the unit to US survey feet. When you import the CSV, Emlid Flow will convert the meter values to US survey feet.


Another good tool for converting CSV files is CORPSCON. There is a learning curve, but it’s worth it.