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Is it possible to connect Lidar tf02 to I2C?

(Roishachar) #1


(Vikeyer) #3

Hello there!
According to its datasheet, it can only be connected by UART or CAN interfaces.
Maybe something like LIDAR-Lite can do the trick.

(Roishachar) #4

Is there can connection in navio2?

(Vikeyer) #5

I’m not sure, actually… There is not, as far as I can see.
I would suggest you use some sort of SPI - CAN transceiver, but it looks like SPI is also already used too, unfortunately.

(Roishachar) #6

ok, but using UART it’s should work without any problem?

(Vikeyer) #7

To me, it looks like there should be no problem. Try this out.