Is it possible to configure IP address and range for WiFi Hotspot mode

I tried to google but nothing related has been found. When Reach RS2 is in WiFi Hotspot mode, the default IP address and subnet it uses is 192.168.42.x, I would like to change it to like 192.168.20.x, is it possible to do that? if yes how?

Hi @yh.zheng,

No, I’m afraid it’s not possible to chance the default subnet and IP address.

Could you clarify why you want to accomplish it?

I would like to stream the correction data using TCP protocol to my device with a hotspot setup in RS2, the problem is that the device I have is also using the 192.168.42.x subnet for its Ethernet. Looks like I need to figure out in another way. Thanks for the reply.

Why would you setup two hotspots to stream data? One hotspot setup with the other connected to its wifi and you can stream your corrections.

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