Is it possible to collect static data using the RX

Just curious, if I’m using the Emlid Flow app v8.7 Android, is it possible to get the RX to collect static data?

The RX has no logging capability. It is a network rover only.


@dpitman Thanks Dave, and whomever checked the box for Solution, in answer to the question. This limitation of the RX is understood: no obs can be recorded.

I admit that I was surprised by this answer; in part because it would seem the data collected by a stationary RX should in theory should still be able to be post-processed, irrespective of with corrections, or not, single, float, or fixed. I was thinking wrong. If I’m only collecting a single point; the RX doesn’t appear to be logging obs at all, but instead, only recording an internally averaged single point.

Unfortunately(?), I was unable to test how line collection might be a work around for continuously recording quasi static observations using Emlid Flow v8.7 since line collection isn’t supported without the $25 monthly subscription.

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