Is it possible to change project's vertical datum after data has been collected

I recently conducted an RTK survey using an RS2 base and rover. I created a new project and used the default settings for the project coordinate system:
coordinate system: WGS 84 EPSG:4326
vertical datum: ellipsoidal height

I was wondering if it is possible to change the vertical datum after survey points have been collected? For example, can I convert the ellipsoid heights of survey points to GEOID 12B using the ReachView3 app?

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Just start a new project. I hate trying to convert and trust the results. What you have can be easily converted in Excel and imported back in.

Hi @hihaunani,

ReachView 3 doesn’t allow changing the project’s coordinate system after you created it. However, as @chascoadmin said, you can use any external tool such as Excel for this purpose.

Apologies if silly question from a newbie, but can you also correct coordinates during postprocessing with RTKPost?

Hi @adussa,

Yes, you can post-process base and rover raw data logs together in RTKLib to get corrected coordinates. We provide our version of RTKLib optimized for PPK with Reach receivers. To learn more about PPK workflow, you may explore these guides from our docs:


Thank you @kseniia.suzdaltseva, I have used RTKlib emlid version, having read the emlid tutorials beforehand. I guess what I was asking is related to a doubt we have (re: different base ave single pos on separate survey days), so started a new query altogether

Hi @adussa,

Thanks for the clarification! As I see, my colleague Polina commented on this in your new thread.

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