Is it OK to turn on Reach RS(+) without antennas attached?

I have heard it can be harmful to VHF radios to transmit without an antenna attached, so I wondered about the Reach RS(+).

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I believe that’s the case for higher-powered systems like CB’s. I am glad you brought it up though because I have been doing my configurations at home with them off. Of course I am not really transmitting and receiving a high amount.

Something I found…
The main purpose of a VHF antenna is to provide a radiator for the power that the transmitter in the radio produces, and to radiate this energy in the correct direction.

I would like to get a definitive answer as well. Originally I would leave the antennas off when doing configurations and downloading the log files. But I did find that the Wi-Fi signal sometimes was really bad when the antennas were off and I wondered if it was bad for them, so I now just screw on the antenna and flip it sideways and set it on the table.

Side note: Are the antenna just for LoRa?

I guess Emlid can say for certain but I think so. I used this app recently to finda lost Jetpack. Tomorrow I will do a quick test to compare signal strength with and without.

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The antenna is for LoRa only and you can safely use Reach RS/RS+ without LoRa antenna on.

The requirement to have the antenna attached all the time comes from very high power radios, which generate a lot of heat without the antenna. LoRa radio inside Reach RS is really efficient and consumes only a a fraction of the power of typical radios in RTK receivers. Also, if you disable corrections output to LoRa in base mode tab the radio will not transmit anything at all.


Thank you very much!