Is it ok to run sudo apt-get update / upgrade

Is it ok to run apt-get update / upgrade on a prempt RT kernel image

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Yes, it should be okay. In our latest distros rt kernel is placed separately and specified to be used in config.txt, so it should not be replaced during the upgrade. But just to be sure after the upgrade please check that “uname -a” contains “RT PREEMPT”.


Is it also ok to run the “rpi-update” script that updates the Pis firmware etc.? It updates kernel modules also.

Kernel modules for different versions are located in different directories, so even if you update kernel and modules, current rt kernel will be loaded and it will load modules according to its version.

OK. Thanks good to know.

I’m trying to run an update
pi@navio: ~ $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
but i’m getting the error
E: The update command takes no arguments
just want to update to the latest arducopter

managed to run the dist-upgrade separately but the update part has signature issues. Am I right in thinking this will update arducopter as well as the raspberry image?

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Hello there!
Could you please post the output of emlidtool?

I setup my navio2 almost a year ago so I don’t think it includes emlidtool. Sounds like I need a fresh install??

Yes. I think this is the case.