Is it necessary to perform a post process when the base is located on a known coordinate?

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We are starting to use two ER units to raise control points (GCP) to correct an orthophoto that will be used to update the cadastre in certain populations south of Ecuador. In these places have been placed plates with absolute coordinates and high precision and we plan to place our base on this point to start lifting our GCP, so I would like to know if it is necessary to perform a post process of the data or as EMLID says in its tutorial, and the coordinates are corrected automatically with the base placed on the known brand in an instantaneous way, which would be excellent and fast.

If you enter an accurate coordinate in the base station, then your RTK survey will be correct. No post-processing is required. (Ideally, your coordinate should be a WGS84 coordinate.)

Yes, that is correct.

However, be sure to record the raw data log on both the base and the rover. In the case that you find something wrong with a GCP coordinate, or communication is lost between base and rover and you can’t get an RTK fix, then you will have the opportunity to post-process your data and get a good result. Some day this may save you from having to go back in the field and doing the work a second time.

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Muchas gracias por la respuesta, es de gran ayuda para mi que estoy iniciando en este campo… otra duda es que como mis coordenadas estan en WGS84-UTM, me parece que esto solo afecta a X y Y al cambiarlas a WGS84, mas no a Z… saludos

Yes, you will have to change your UTM to Longitude and Latitude. The ReachView software will only accept Longitude and Latitude for the base station coordinate. Also yes, the height/altitude will remain the same.


Gracias, he realizado una guía para el proceso de recolección de datos a traves de EMLID REACH, quisiera saber si este flujo de trabajo es el adecuado o estoy cometiendo algún error y omitiendo algún paso.


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