Is Gallileo needed if only using GPS/GLO for AR?

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As AR can currently be obtained from GPS/GLONASS, what is is the benefit of also collecting Gallileo/SBAS, when wanting to obtain a Fix solution?

From what I understand, and from what Igor has mentioned many times, the MORE the satellites the better.


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It’s true! More satellites allow getting faster and better solution.


Will more constellations sent over LoRa also mean faster and/or better fixes?

I would think so. As TB_RTK mentions, LoRa is just used for sending the data between the units.

I know that LoRa itself doesn’t make a difference. It was to illustrate the RTK usecase, where you can choose to send or not send different constellations.

Yes, if you’re using Galileo satellites, it’s better to have 1097 message enabled in Base mode tab when sending corrections over LoRa.

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As addition to the other messages, and not as a replacement for anything, right?

Yes, like in this video:


Super! Thanks!

2:32 in for anyone wanting to jump to this in video.

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