Is FrSky S.Port to UART compatible with Navio+?


I found a product called “FrSky Smart Port to UART converter” and I’m wondering if it is compatible with Navio UART input. The aim would be to read telemetry information from Taranis+ OpenTx.

Link :

This product is initially designed to be used with two units : A (connected to receiver) and B (connected to emitter).

I feel like it is not compatible, otherwise it may appear here :

Thank you

I think this might be interesting for you:

Yes absolutely, I actually purchased the whole Airborne catalog :smile:

On the dedicated post, CodeChief mentions the ability to connect either with UART or USB, but I did not see UART was possible. I prefer light UART wires instead of USB, anyway it should work.

Thank you

Their is also a slightly cheaper way, but it requires some soldering

the already mentioned ‘ready to use’ cable is also mentioned on this page

Thank you for your reply, I now realize I was looking at the wrong device.
When I saw this other way, I was not sure it was compatible with Navio+.