Is a +-hexa configuration possible?


I’m building a hexacopter based on a Mikrokopter frame which has a ±configuration (on motor at the front, two at each site and one at the back).

Is it possible to use this frame with NAVIO2?
How can I configure it the right way?

Thank you very much!

@tobias-dahms Hi! Basically, Navio2 supports all frames that are supported in the Ardupilot, so hexa-plus should be possible. Check for info about the frames here.

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@mikhail.avkhimenia Hi, thank you very much, ok, than I misunderstood the way the configuration is done. My other copter is still using Arducopter 2.x so there might be the difference comming from.

So I start Arducopter with the command Arducopter-hexa and than I connect with Mission Planenr and choose the frame type +/ Plus?

If the thing will fly in the end I will present it here, it will be am mapping hexacopter which uses NAVIO 2 and REACH and I think your stuff rocks! When Reachview will be ready it will be even better. I managed to get points which are in a range of 10 cm of a 30.000 € Trimble device with a base 95 km (Rastede-Aurich, North-West Germany) away (failed to set up the second Reach correctly… ) it is realy great.

@tobias-dahms yes, that is correct.

I think your stuff rocks!

Yes, that is correct too :smiley:
Great to hear that it works well for you!

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