Irregular gps signal

I have the ship aboard a quad without taking off but the gps signal is irregular, how can I improve what parameters do I have to configure?

Can You show us a picture of your setup and describe it a bit more.

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I have placed the gps 20cm on the plate and I have covered the barometer with a mic microphone and I have placed a box on the plate to protect it from the sun and air flows. before taking off I keep armed the device in guided mode hoping that the gps does not vary much but I get those oscillations of extreme gps, I have been varying the parameters of EK to try to improve the stability of the gps without results

You need a ground-plane. Put a 6-10 cm (diameter) metal disk underneath the antenna.

Check out this thread by @bide : Antenna Ground Plane

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I think it got a little better

Are the results from the drone sitting inside or outside?

Outsite but there is a build near 1.5m

I obtained this result in exterior only gave the order to take off at 3 meters

log_0_2018-10-22-11-00-07_5.bin (2.6 MB)
video (5.2 MB)

Hi @alvin129012,

Have you calibrated PIDs?

No, Do I have to use autotune?

Hi @alvin129012,

Sure, you can start with Autotune.

Please also take a look at Basic and Advanced Tuning.

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