IPv6 autopilot

Is there any autopilot software that supports IPv6?


Could you please provide more details of what exactly are you trying to achieve?


Sorry for the delay. I was out of town for few days.

There are different autopilot software that can be installed on a desktop computer and emlid (RPi). However, as far as I know, all of them only support IPv4. They send data packets (tcp/udp) via IPv4 but I am testing some scenarios on Mobile IPv6. My network only supports IPv6. So, I am looking for a program (autopilot software) to send data via IPv6.
The program on RPi should sense data (from different sensors of a quadcopter) and send them via IPv6 packets to a desktop computer.


If some software doesn’t support IPv6 there’s an easy workaround using an utility called socat:

Thanks @mikhail.avkhimenia
I will check it out.

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