iPhone hotspot workaround

I finally figured out a way to reliably connect iPhone hotspot to reach.

Make sure you turn off all “auto-join” to every other wifi in the list of known wifi’s on your phone.

Make sure the reach only has your iPhone hotspot remembered.

I wait until the m2 has flashed green 10 times. Then turn on the iPhone hotspot to make it discoverable. This method seems to work the first time everytime.

The iPhone dumps its own hotspot connection to the reach, in preference for any “auto-join” connection. This is a pain in the rear.

The only other way to reliably connect is to use two iphone’s and transfer the connection over to the iPhone hotspot.


Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Your suggestions on connecting to an iOS hotspot are useful. It can be indeed tricky to connect Reach to an iOS hotspot sometimes. In the future, we hope to make getting Internet access easier.

We also have a video guide describing how to connect Reach to an iOS hotspot. Using this video, you should be able to connect flawlessly.

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