IP Address issue

Hi, I have two units RS2 and RS2+, I’m trying to setup base and rover over radio, and the two units had the same IP address, I have connection over Bluetooth, how it’s this possible?

32 Beta 2, Android and iOS, EF 10.2

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Maybe try rebooting router, hotspot, and receivers after?

I would go for a display issue which happened to me on Android also when you go from a unit to another unit both in hotspot mode. Close the app and restart it, it should get rid of the extra device here.

IP address in is the local one when the Reach is in hotspot mode, so it is always the same value whatever the device.


Hi Danilo,

I can confirm Florian’s words. is the IP address for all Reach units in hotspot mode. In the situation from the screenshot, you’re connected to the base via its hotspot, so the rover is only in the list, but you wouldn’t be able to connect to it via its hotspot. After reopening the app, it shouldn’t appear among the available receivers, either.

If you use Bluetooth for connection, you can see both units as available at the same time and switch between them in Emlid Flow.

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