IOS hotspot

Connecting Reach to my iphone hotspot still seems to be hit and miss. Today I tried several times to connect and couldnot, then it finally connected was able to collect one survey point. While moving to my next survey point the hotspot and Reach lost connection, was unable to connect again so gave up for the day. Hopefully Emlid is working to make this better.

Hi Jim,

Connection to iPhone hotspots has been quite reliable from my experience, so there must be some variation between iOS versions or iPhone hw versions. We are making some tweaks to how Wi-Fi makes reconnection in the next release, so please let me know if it changes how everything works for you.

Good Morning Igor

I thought I had this working pretty well too.
You are probably right its been awhile since I was out so probably have a different version of IOS now. I loose track some times.


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