iOS Bluetooth Location Provider Support

I know from the support docs and other forum posts that Reach RS cannot be used as a location provider for iOS. My question, are there any plans to change this? We have been using ArcGIS Collector on iPads for awhile now and really like to migrate our equipment to Emlid products, therefore want to know if there is even a plan to try and support iOS in this manner. I heard the TCP options but I believe for Collector it has to be NMEA Bluetooth. Other vendors like bad elf, Trimble, EOS Arrow, etc have managed to work fine with Bluetooth and iOS so it must be possible. If anything else, consider this a feature request. Really do not want to have to spend the money to replace the iPads with android tablets unless we have to.

Thanks for your time and any info you can provide on future plans would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the suggestion, @jsimpson746.
At the moment the only workaround for iOS is TCP.
To replace coordinates on iOS devices, Reach requires Apple MFi certification. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with the exact date when we’ll have it.


My main question I guess was if you are pursing MFi certification or not. If you are in deed working towards that, that’s the only answer I need and am more than happy to wait.

Thanks for the response.

Oh and maybe a suggestion; to have the option in settings change from metric to imperial units in the ReachView app? I have some employees who really just can’t read metric. Ha


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve got it on our to-do list :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 for MFi Certification. Thanks for working on it!
Will be glad when I can use my Reach with Arcgis Collector on iOS.

Same here , How much is .009

Well, if you’re talking meters, then it is roughly 3/8", but closer to 11/32" and if you’re splitting it fine, then 23/64" should do. 128ths are for machinists, and if you’re using Reach to dial in your horizontal mill, then let’s see some pictures. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(p.s. " = standard notation for inches for those who aren’t familiar; and ’ = feet)

That would be much better if it read that :smile:

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…but I wonder if any IOS users are looking for inches? They would probably be good with just meters and cubits (for archaeologists).

Are there any tutorials on exactly how to connect iOS to TCP, and the products we need to make that happen?

At the moment we don’t have any guides on this as well as an app list.
We recommend using Android devices with 3rd-party surveying apps.

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