Ionossferic dissturbance

How can Reach 2 handle the big disturbance from from inossfer?

Big problem with RTK Fix in Sweden now!

Trimble say their InosGard solv the problem!


Rent a Trimble with IonoGuard or use a Total Station?

Sounds like you fellows up on top of the planet have to deal with this most? :woozy_face:


This is a valuable tool I use when I get to go out in the field (when my brother lets me). I’ve got it as my home page in all my browsers


Hi @noj67035,

Reach compensates for the ionospheric effects using the navigation files and our RTK algorithms.

Looking at these ionosphere monitoring plots from SWEPOS, your country is indeed affected by ionospheric disturbance.

As I see, there are certain time windows when the influence of the ionosphere on the GNSS receivers is minimal. To ensure that the effect of the ionosphere is at a minimum, I suggest checking the ionospheric prediction models available online by different research institutes before conducting surveys, as @EBE111057 has provided.

Changed the wording.


Ofcause I have to look at Swepos Jonossferic prediction, but I wonder I Emlid like Trimble have a software fix for this?


We use the satellite navigation files and our RTK algorithm to compensate for the ionospheric effects on the satellite signals.