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Just wandering if RV3 has any COGO functions yet. I’d like to maybe invest in the LoRa for my two M2’s, but I don’t know… I use my two M2’s as a static baseline when I’m using my Javad Victor LS as RTN. This gives me a closed loop with the M2’s as I always also store static for the RTN receiver. I then can PP and verify any questionable RTN positions or if I lose cell coverage while collecting data.

As Javad J-Field (controller software) has all COGO functions and more, I like to know if any COGO functions will be implemented in RV3. Below is an example in the lower left “white box” of javad’s J-Field showing “distance to last” to the last point collected.

This is a valuable function in RTK/RTN. It really gives confidence to the user for the position collected. I had already collected a position (point 4) and was re-observing the point (point 5). Distance from point 5 to point 4 was 0.034’, vertical distance -0.062’ grid azimuth 175°24’23".

As our firm has all Javad gear, I think Emlid has a promising future with the system they have. As of now, I just don’t think Emlid is very friendly for the typical Land Surveyor until true COGO functions are implemented.

I like the simplicity of my M2’s for static, they are great receivers.


Hi Brayan,

Thank you for sharing examples from your everyday work!

We know COGO is a highly useful feature for land surveyors. At the moment, there is no such functionality in ReachView 3. However, we’re going to expand our Survey tool, and COGO is in our roadmap.

We’re developing ReachView 3, building on our users’ needs at first. So, your request is noted.


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