Internet telemetry help

Hello community!

I want to know what is the best way to do this… I have a Huawei mobile hotspot attached to my quadcopter and a Nexxt usb wifi dongle. when I want to connect to my public ip it does not work… :frowning:

Can you give me some advises to make this work.

**Sorry if I do not explain myself very well, english is not my first language… I you have doubt tell or do not understand tell me and I will do my best :smiley:.

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Cesar V.


Are you able to connect your Rpi to Huawei hotspot? Do you have fixed IP on your data plan?

Yes, I am able to connect to it, but I do not have a fixed IP, I’m connecting to the RPI with weaved via SSH.


You really need to provide more details about how everything is set up and what does no work exactly. Including the commands that you run, outputs etc.

Hi @ivereninov, sorry for the understanding… I have my raspberry connected to internet through a mobile wifi hotspot… when I want to ping my pc (GSC) from the RPI it works, but when I want to connect to the mission planner via the port 14550 it does not work…

It works great from a local network…

You likely have a firewall in between GSC and the PI blocking port 14550…

Hey @keithc that is what I thought… Because I can ping my pc from the raspberry pi,
But I don’t know what happened because I made an exception to the firewall to open that port…

There could be multiple firewalls to check, eg PC’s Windows firewall, hotspot firewall, and in some cases, firewall from your cellphone provider.

From the weaved forum:

Unfortunatlly weaved does not support UDP…

You could start a listening tcp connection with:

sudo Ardu… -A tcp:*:6000:wait

This way it would be listening on any adapter any IP the RPi has.If * does not work try

Hey guys I did it! I’m using LogMeIn Hamachi to simulate a LAN Network and it works great! Thanks a lot!

What kind of times are you getting when you ping your VPN? I have a RPI connected via VPN, when i connect via wifi i get 3-5ms ping, but when im connected via 4g is more like 200-500ms but my speedtest is showing more than 20Mbps

I want to know if the VPN is somehow slowing down my conection

@ddomit Yes, VPN does slow down the connection.

Hi @CavP28 I have a quick question. Did you install LogMeIn Hamachi on your raspberry pi using the commands from the LogMeIn Hamachi user manual? If so, did you use the installation commands for Ubuntu or CentOS to install LogMeIn Hamachi on your raspberry pi? Thank You.