Internet source RS+

I managed to connect my RS+ to my android device for data collecting via an NTRIP service and get reach coordinates on android device via Bluetooth.
I am also using a third instrument (a phone with data hotspot) to provide internet for my RS+ unit. My android tablet is also connected to the hotspot of the phone. I think in this way my android tablet also manages to connect RS+

My question is this. My Android tablet which I connect it to Reach via Bluetooth for getting coordinates has mobile internet too. May I a use mobile internet from the android tablet to enable my reach unit to connect NTRIP service and give up using internet from another mobile hotspot?

Hi Milo,

Yes, it’s possible. I’d like to recommend tutorials that might help you:

I think I couldnt express my question properly. Reach should receive internet from my tablet and my tablet should receive location from reach at the same time. Is it possible?

Hi Milo,

Did I get it right that you want to output the position from Reach to a 3rd-party software installed on your tablet?

It’s surely possible to configure Reach to get the Internet connection from your tablet and to output the position to it simultaneously. To accomplish the set up, you need:

  1. Connect Reach to the tablet’s hotspot

  2. Configure position output over BT (check the guide here for more details)

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