Internet requirements

I’m looking to use Wi-Fi in the field using a mobile/ cell phone connection to the internet.
Can you please advise the typical/ minimum requirements to send data?

Ideally, I want to avoid using internet so any guidance for a UK based operation would be greatly appreciated.

I’m totally new to RTK/ Reach RS, so please forgive my naivety.


Am I correct that you are asking how much bandwidth is needed in order to send real time corrections to a Reach unit?

I did some bandwidth testing quite a while ago for radio links, but things have changed since then.

The answer will depend on several factors:

  • If receiving third party corrections, then your provider should have this information
  • If you are pushing the corrections yourself, then you must consider the:
    • Number of satellite constellations enabled on the base,
    • Number of RTCM3 messages types enabled on the base,
    • Frequency of those messages,
    • The update date of the base.

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