Internet connection through ethernet


I’m want to use the Reach in my rover but I need Internet connection to be able to receive corrections from a public service through Internet. The problem is that the antenna that I’m using to share Internet with the rover is 5Ghz, and the reach only works at 2.4ghz (isn’t it?). My idea is to access to Internet using the Ethernet connection between the rover’s computer and the reach. However, I’m not able to find the typical /etc/network/interfaces to specify the geteway in the reach OS.

Any help or ideas on this?

thanks! :smiley:


First of all, Reach supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Second, the routing problem. See this post.

Yess! I had some problems to connect and I was thinking that it was not able to connect to 5Ghz, but now I can do it.

I gonna see your suggestion for the routing.

thanks! :smiley:

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