Internet connection between base and rover maintained?

I am trying to find the easiest way to collect cm-level accuracy of XY coordinates in an ag field. I bought two RS2 units, and am not clear on the best way to use them as a base and rover pair in the field to collect data. I recently set them up with the Emlid Caster service and took them out to collect data. I have them both connected to a mobile jetpack, but I only have 1 jet pack so I took it with me and the rover to collect points. I am far away from the base, so the base lost internet connection. The rover never got a fix, it only said Single the whole time until I got back close to the base. Questions:

  1. Do they both need to be connected to the internet the entire time for NTRIP corrections to work?
  2. If I use PPK instead, do they need to be connected to an internet source or talk to eachother through LoRa while im collecting data? I am far enough away from the base that my cell phone internet connection will lose contact with the base. Or do I set them up and leave the base on its own while I use my cell phone and its internet to collect data with the rover?

thanks for any help you can provide.

Yes to your question number one. No to question number two. It is all post process so no real time corrections are required. You do not need to use the radio but you would want to turn on logging for both the base and rover of course.

Hi Natalie,

To work in RTK via NTRIP, base and rover must be connected to the Internet all the time. As I see, you used a mobile hotspot, but Reach RS2 has a built-in 3.5G modem. So, you can use SIM cards or have two different mobile hotspots for each base and rover.

Regarding PPK, it doesn’t need a connection at all. Receivers work autonomously, and all calculations are post-processed in Emlid Studio. Follow these guides on how to log data for Stop&Go PPK and post-process it in Emlid Studio.

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Hi Anna,
Thank you for the quick response. For clarification, to work via NTRIP both base and rover must be connected to the internet, but they don’t have to talk to each other in the field? Could I leave the mobile hot spot with the base so it has connectivity and use my phone’s hot spot with the rover?


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Thanks Zach, I appreciate the response!

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Yes, that will work for RTK, use your mobile hotspot for the Base and your phone’s hotspot for your Rover and using NTRIP to let the Base send corrections to the Rover. So they do need to “talk” to each other in order for the Rover to get a fix. As long as you have Cell service available full time to both units, this will work.

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Thanks so much @mark1st.john. The rover and base dont need to be on the same cell (internet) service, just that they have cell service. Correct? How do the rover and base talk to each other? Im trying to understand the full picture of how this technology operates. thanks!

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Hi, yes that should work, they both have to be connected to the internet.
I believe this link will help you in getting your RS2 receivers set up using the Emlid Caster Service.


As @mark1st.john said, receivers communicate via Emlid NTRIP Caster. It’s a server that allows your base station to send RTCM3 messages with corrections to your rover. That’s why receivers shouldn’t communicate directly with each other, but still need access to the Internet.

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