Internet Access from Smartphone while using ReachView on a Tablet (RS2)

Dear Community!

I have been working with my RS2 for some time now, I really love it and now I would like to use it with a tablet instead of the smartphone.
Until now I had a hotspot for connecting to the NTRIP server via the smartphone and I opened the ReachView app on the same smartphone.

However, because a larger display is more convenient to use, I would like to open ReachView on a tablet - but I want to leave my SIM card in the phone.
Is it possible for my RS2 :reachrs: to still access the Internet for NTRIP :artificial_satellite: : from the smartphone (hotspot) and open ReachView :emlid: on the tablet?

Thanks for your advice,
best wishes,

PS: I tried the “easiest” way - hotspot from the smartphone to the tablet and connect via WLAN from the tablet to the RS2 but unfortunately I can’t get a WLAN signal AND generate a hotspot with the tablet at the same time…

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: … excuse me

I have been thinking about my “problem” for days, looking and thinking in the forum. And right now, AFTER I wrote this topic, a small detail came to my mind…

Somewhere at the very beginning of the basics it says that the Reach RS2 must be on the same network as the application device or something like that…

For me it was logical with “the same network” as long as I only connected the Reach to 1 end device.

I never thought the solution could be so simple - I now have a hotspot on my smartphone, and both devices, the tablet and Reach RS2 both use the hotspot from the smartphone.

…and everything works the way I want it to :heart_eyes:


Hi @huiseler,

Sometimes writing the question down allows seeing the whole picture and finding out the answer quicker :smile:

Don’t hesitate to create a new thread if any other questions appear, or you’d like to share something interesting with us.


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